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The Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd is an international, apostolic religious institute of pontifical right. As women religious, called to a mission of reconciliation, the Good Shepherd Sisters express the charism of merciful love.
About 3273 Good Shepherd Sisters of two lifestyles, Apostolic & Contemplative, serve in 72 countries in 38 Units with 444 communities.

Province Leader

Sr. Lissy Chacko


Province Communities





  • Congregational
  • Province
    Leadership Team
  • Local

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The Congregational Leadership Team ( CLT ) is the highest authority within the congregation. Representatives from all units/provinces gather every six years for this Chapter to elect this leadership team. The CLT is composed of the Congregational... Read More

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The Province Leadership Team ( PLT) consists of the Province / Unit Leader and her council consisting of Apostolic and Contemplative Sisters. The PLT manages the administration of the unit/province and supports the Local Leadership Teams... Read more

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Local Leadership Team consists of the Local Leader or Sister Superior and her council. They reside in their local communities and manage the administration of their ministries.

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