Temporary Professed Sisters

"Ask God to grant you God's own love for all persons. You will see what marvels this love achieves in you." : St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

Directress: Sr. Graccy Thomas No. of TPS: 11
Their Names:
1. Sr. Monica D’Silva. J
2. Sr. Shanthi Vaz
3. Sr. Maria Jancey Irudayaraj Raj
4. Sr. Jyothi Gouder
5. Sr. Paulinmary. S
6. Sr. Angeline Praveena
7. Sr. Mereena Chinch Agasthy
8. Sr. Reena Jyothi. M
9. Sr. Anjana Jose
10. Sr. Divya Jyothi
11. Sr. Arita Anthony Das

The primary objective of the formation process is to prepare people for the total consecration of themselves to God in the following of Christ, at the service of the Church’s mission.

General Goal
The goal of formation is to foster the growth of courageous and daring disciples of Jesus the Good Shepherd, who are committed to responding whole heartedly to the mission of the Congregation in the context of today’s rapidly changing realities. This life long journey of transformation and commitment is lived out in a mystic and prophetic way of life.

Specific Goal
The goal of this level is to enable the temporary professed to deepen her conviction to live the vowed life of discipleship in the context of mission and in community today (CLT Formation Guidelines- 2014)

The criteria for indicating this specific goal is being reached is though:
a. Faith Dimension
b. Apostolic dimension
c. Human development dimension

Various sessions on different topics are arranged to the TPS at various intervals. They gather together mostly in May, October and December for one to two weeks. This coming together is an enriching experience as they share their life experience in the mission and in the community to the group.

Church documents, canon law, personality developments sexual integration, administrative skill, financial management etc. are the various topics on which they are given input session. Simultaneously they also have opportunity to complete their Degree level education or professional education according to each individual sister. Retreat are conducted annually.

Relaxation and outing are also the part of the programme. Regular accompaniment by the local leader and the formator help them to share freely their lived experience and to face the challenges of life in the mission and in the communities.

In the year 2018, The TPS had three gatherings in May at St. Michaels Home, in October at Shanthi Nilaya and in December at Shanthi Nilaya.

Month of May 2018 they gathered in St.Michael’s Home 30th April. On the 1st of May, they had a day’s recollection by Fr. Christopher Lewis CSSR to prepare themselves to renew their vows. On the 2nd of May at 7 am they had the Holy Eucharist in which eight TPS renewed their vows. Fr.Christopher Lewis CSSR inspired them through his homily.

On 3rd to 5th of May 2018, they had session Mrs. Mary on interpersonal relationship and knowing self. From 6th Evening to 14th morning they had a short session on Nonviolence spirituality followed by the retreat on the same theme by Fr. Mariyathas SJ form Srilanka.

15th May 2018 : They had a beautiful and enjoyable outing and by next day they disbursed to their own communities. During this time, they had detailed discussion on who will write what articles/poem/experience to bring out the second volume of the TPS News Letter called “The voice of the young Shepherdesses”. So the leader took note of it and followed it up.

In October 11 TPS gathered at Shanthi Nilaya. the three newly professed Srs.Arita, Anjana and Divya were welcomed to TPS family with aarathi. The session was from 19th to 24th October.

The topics dealt were:
1. Identifying our source and existence in the context of Religious calling by Sr.Therese Meera
2. Human formation by Sr. Gracy
3. Life experience sharing by each TPS
4. Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be Glad) by Sr. Vilma Mascarenhas
5. Love the Heart of the Universe by Srs. Jyothi and Jancey

The last session was a quiz on our Constitution. It was really interesting how prepared each one to answer the question. Every meeting ends with choosing the leader and secretary for the next session. They enjoyed the coming together and the sessions were enriching. They enjoyed the stay too in the provincialate.

The third gathering of the year was in in December for just two days 29th to 30th December. This was mainly to give out the News Bulletin to each of them and all the communities and formation houses in the Province. As a whole there was an appreciation for the initiation the TPS had taken to bring out their talents in the form of newsletter.


CONGRATULATIONS: To the newly professed Sr. Mary Lourdhu Basilica Joseph, Sr. Mary Ramya Robert & Sr. Sagaya Mary Anthony
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