Sr. Lissy Chacko

Sr. Lissy Chacko was born in Kerala, India, and entered the Good Shepherd in Bangalore. She made her perpetual profession on 30th May 1983 in Bangalore, India. Sr. Lissy Chacko obtained advanced degrees in psychology and a diploma in social work, and also pursued theological studies.

Her apostolic experiences include: services for orphans, children and teenagers, women in crisis situations, and economic justice projects as well as involvement in social action ministry.

Over the years, sister has also served in various Congregational ministries, including: Local Leader of communities and Province Councillor. She was also a member of the former congregational Justice and Peace Commission and Economic Justice Committee.

Sr. Lissy Chacko was elected the Province Leader of South West India at the 2nd Province Chapter held in Bangalore, India, from 15th to 18th April 2016. Her mandate began on 28th April 2016.