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A Brief History Of Our Foundation In Mysore

Witnessing the services of our Sisters during the great famine in Bangalore, in 1876 - 78, the Priests of Mysore Diocese requested for Good Shepherd Sisters in Mysore. The Superior General was contacted and the Sisters on arrival were warmly welcomed by the Parish Priest. Poverty signalized the beginning of the foundation at Mysore.

In 1880 a building to house the Sisters as well as orphans, penitents and boarders was constructed. In 1882 cholera broke out and 12 of our children died. The Royal Family appreciated the work of the Sisters and helped them in many ways.

In 1892 the Good Shepherd work increased. Poor from Mysore, Coorg, Waynad and neighboring villages sought our help. The school building was completed in 1896 with the Government’s help. The Education Department recognized the Cambridge classes in1919. In 1943 the High School was established and later the parish priest requested a Kannada Middle School for girls.

140 years of our presence are blessed years. Presently having over 2000 students in our Institution, our services to the poor, needy girls in our Homes and through outreach programmes continue.

Our community of Sisters numbers 8.


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Sr. Hilda John– Local Leader
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